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Terms and Procedures for our Auctions in the Current Health Environment

  1. Given the current need for social distancing, our auctions will be offered “online only.”

    We will be using the same software and methods that are familiar to our buyers. Absentee bidding is open now for the auction. We encourage bidders to leave their maximum bid so as to not run the risk of missing on the item. We will start the bidding as we always do at the starting bid created by competitive bidding with other bidders and not simply start at the maximum bid. We as always reserve the right to set bid increments.

    We will be calling this auction with our live simulcast bidding on the day of the auction. We will go through in catalog order as always, and those with flash media player on their computer can hear the audio. As we expect a much larger volume of simulcast bidders we do strongly encourage bidders to also leave bids prior to auction on items as we simply do not know what kind of delays may be experienced with a surge in simulcast bidders. We are making all plans to handle the capacity but bids prior to the simulcast are good insurance.

  2. Bidding options

    If you are already online, you are good to go. We will have the regular pre-sale bidding open, as well as the live simulcast. You will need an account and to be registered for this sale.

    If you have not signed up yet and need help, email us at info@bluegrassauction.com or call us at 859.389.8650 and we can help.

    If you are not comfortable with the account/bidding process for online, you can also call us and we will manually put in your bids on your behalf for the sale. These phone absentee bids MUST be placed by Friday 6pm for us to have time to enter them in the sytem. Due to health constraints we are operating a skeleton staff on auction day and will have limited ability to answer calls, handle bids, etc.

    Lastly, we are going to offer expanded phone bidding options. This is limited to items with a starting bid of $250.00 or more. Below that amount we recommend calling us and we will enter your bids as absentee bids pre-sale.

  3. Procedures for inspection

    Preview has Returned! We will continue to observe "curbside" for pickup of items to avoid crowding, but we are now able to comply with state guidelines and safely open for preview. Our previews are the Friday prior to the auction, from 10am until 6pm.

    If you have questions about particular items please contact us and we will do our best to assist. You can email us at info@bluegrassauction.com or call us at 859.389.8650.

  4. Procedures for payment and pickup

    We are encouraging winning bidders to pay by credit card when possible. As of now we can accept payments by phone. We will accept checks and cash but due to the logistics we encourage card or check payment. Payment terms are otherwise the same, with payment due by 6pm Tuesday for all bidders.

    To meet current requirements for distancing we will be offering curb-side pickup for items. Once you have paid we will be packaging smaller items for our clients. When you arrive we will serve you from your vehicle. Those picking up larger items must wait so only one buyer is loading at a time. We strongly recommend bringing your own help to load. Strict social distancing will be observed at all times for loading. Due to the variation in people arriving we are not trying to schedule appointments as it is impossible to predict people arriving. Only one bidder will be served at a time, others will need to wait in their vehicles until their turn.

    As of now we will maintain our regular pickup hours of Monday and Tuesday 10am till 6pm.

  5. Expanded delivery and storage options.

    We are going to be offering white glove delivery for smaller items. If we can bring it in a normal vehicle the rate will be $25.00 within Lexington, with a rate of $40 for out of town deliveries within 20 miles. For larger items requiring our truck the regular delivery rates will apply. Delivery will be to porch or garage to minimize contact and items must be paid for in advance.

    If you wish to purchase an item but wish to wait to pickup we will accommodate temporary storage as we are able, with any fees on a case by case basis based on size and labor involved. Items must be fully paid for to consider storage.